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Classifying Satellite Images

From Satellite Images to Maps

As a basis of spatial orientation, maps play a crucial role in our everyday lives as well as in geography lessons. While they are usually available as a ready-made tool, the development of a map is central to this teaching unit: The pupils are to deduce a thematic map from a satellite image. As a part of this process, they use their computers to classify surfaces according to their characteristic colours with the help of controllers.

Time required
1-2 lessons
2: easy
Recommended Prior Knowledge



Roland Goetzke
Henryk Hodam
Kerstin Voß


land use / cover
thematic map


The pupils ought to be able to interpret top-views of objects.

Read and interpret satellite images.

The pupils learn to orient themselves geographically with the help of satellite images and maps.

They create a key for classification.

The pupils ought to be able to derive thematic maps from satellite images.