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Model and reality – compared by means of satellite data

Oases – explored from near and far

In this teaching unit, the pupils get to know the basic models of different types of oases. The example of the riverine oasis constitutes the central element of the unit. In an interactive process, the pupils can deduce a thematic map from a satellite image. As a next step, they can compare this map to the model of a riverine oasis in order to get an idea of the differences between model and reality.

7 8
Time required
1 - 2 lessons
1: introductory
Recommended Prior Knowledge



Roland Goetzke

Henryk Hodam

Florian Thierfeldt

Kerstin Voß


land use / cover
thematic map


The pupils ought to be able to describe the basic types of oases and their display as a model.

They will compare the model of the riverine oasis with a real riverine oasis by means of remote sensing.

The pupils ought to be able to explain the applied remote sensing methods by means of their general physical and methodical basics.