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Fascination Remote Sensing

Why are we fascinated by remote sensing?

Remote sensing enables us to view the earth from a different perspective and explore regions without being there physically. We can discover local and global phenomena, detect changes and visualize processes invisible to the unaided eye.


Faszination Fernerkundung


For all this we need the special features of remote sensing: Taking images of an extensive area in a minimum of time with sensors sensitive not only to visible but also to other ranges of light. Infrared wavelengths are invisible to the human eye - satellites empower us to see them nonetheless. A great advantage is the availability of the images. The information is not limited to one point in time, but is updated regularly. The timelines enable us to evaluate slow changes in an area as well.


The next pages introduce several possible applications using remote sensing data, i.e. investigation of states of vegetation, analysis of weather phenomena, emergency aid, mapping or detection of the thermal characteristics in the city. And still, the colours are even more colourful....