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The Weather in the Satellite Movie

Observing the weather from afar

Meteorology proves to be an important field of application for remote sensing. Meteorology explores phenomena such as the weather, weathering/ atmospheric conditions or the climate.
The term weather indicates the recent perceptible state of the lower atmosphere (rain, sun etc.). If meteorologists examine the weather over a period of weeks or months, we talk about atmospheric conditions. If the observation period spans approx. 30 years, we speak of climate. Remote sensing is an essential tool for all three observation periods.


Satellite film of the weather satellite Meteosat, June 14, 2011 (images by Eumetsat (MSG)



Most satellites have a temporal resolution of approx. 14 days. However, there are also satellites with a very high temporal resolution able to take pictures of the same area every 15 minutes.
The Meteosat satellite is one of these satellites and takes 96 pictures a day. If you display all pictures of one day quickly in a row, this is called a satellite movie. As can be seen in the satellite movieof June 14, 2011, such a tool is ideal for observing the development of clouds and the weather in general.



A satellite movie is defined as the rapid and successive display of satellite images which have been taken at short intervals. Such a satellite film is ideal for observing and analysing the weather processes and weather patterns.